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The Market Moves Ahead 
So Should You 
- No Cookie Cutters Here -  Custom Solutions for Individuals

Partner with SawLutions and The CoHos  Network to maximize return with no upfront cost.  Our service fees are deferred to the closing table.  

Option 1
Is an inspection checklist plaguing your sale?  Do you have serious or cosmetic issues limiting your property's value?
This is increasingly common, and you are NOT alone.  We cover all materials, labor and planning to bring your property to peak condition.  
Option 2

*ONLY select properties qualify for this package* 

Have you received an appraisal below the contracted selling price?

After thoroughly assessing the property, isolating weakness and analyzing market comps, we transform with the goal of maximizing return with minimal alterations.
If we don't add value, we don't get paid.  This is your chance to have seasoned professionals work for you with mutually beneficial parameters and a desire for maximum value!

Option 3
Are you in the process of moving or capitalizing on a 1031 Exchange?

If you're selling your property, needed capital to renovate your new purchase may be tied to your current homes equity.  Use your asset as leverage to expedite renovations allowing a smooth transition with maximum flexibility.  

Modern Kitchen

Return On Investment

Cleaning - 800%

We know your time is precious, which is why we provide our clients with tailored assistance. No matter where you are, we’ll be right there making things happen. 

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