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Policies and Procedures

Trial Memberships

When you purchase your first service, you receive a 30 day trial of membership that does not start until the date of your scheduled service.  No need to worry about the trial being influenced by scheduling availability or if a later redemption date is preferred.  The free trial offers access to over 50 home services with these membership benefits: Member Discount Pricing, Exclusive Offers & Deals, Service Oversight and Expertise, Free Service Consultations (on services, projects, and preventative maintenance), Referral & Feedback Bonuses (credits earned for reviews and referrals applied directly to your invoices for services), Preset Pricing (on select services), Bid Match (on most services), and the SawLutions Guarantee! More information about the variety of memberships and the full-member benefits we offer can be found on our members page.  A "trial" is trying something to find out about it.  If you do not take full advantage the membership during the time stated on the voucher, you will not have access to member benefits after the trial expires.  If you want services or member benefits after the trial expires, you must join as a member.

Orlando Service Area

The Orlando service area is within 25 driving miles of 32801.  In order to accommodate services with such great deals, we have a limit the service area.  Mileage is calculated by GPS driving miles without tolls.  If you are outside of the service area, you can contact us prior to booking, buying or scheduling service.

Price Match

We offer a price match on most services, providing the quote is itemized and by a licensed and insured business. We do not discount material cost. Additional review is needed and approval is not guaranteed.  If you are interested in a price match, email your quote to


There are no price negotiations after services start. There are no refunds after approval of services. Buy Now/ Schedule Now and Buy Now/ Schedule later are prepaid services that are not refundable if you agree you are in the service area and are outside of the service area or you accidentally pruchase. No exceptions.

Timed Services

Timed services are are based on man hours.  Example: 2 man hours can be 1 person for 2 hours or 2 people for 1 hour.  You cannot request a specific amount of service providers to accommodate services. Timed services must be redeemed in one visit and may not be split, prorated or credited to future use, even if the full time has not been used.

Additional Time & Services 

Additional time and services can be added or upgraded upon booking. It is recommended to note it in the booking form, so we can accurately communicate availability for an appropriate time slot. For scheduling purposes, you may not add additional time or services at the time of your appointment.

Scheduling- Based On Availability

We are booked a week to a week and a half in advance, depending on the service and service area.  Holidays and certain times of the year tend to be busier and book further in advance.  Each specific service has its own availability and requirements. If a specific day or time accommodation is needed, additional fees may apply and availability is not guaranteed.  You are always made aware of any possibility of additional fees or charges prior to your appointment.

SawLutions' Reschedule/ Cancellation/ No-Show/ Confirmation Policy Applies 

48 Hour Advance Notice of Reschedule or Cancellation

You must give at least 48 hour notice of a reschedule or cancellation or you forfeit your booked service, deposit, or voucher amount and additional fees may apply.  If you: no-show; cancel within 48 hours of your appointment; request to reschedule within 48 hours our your appointment; confirm your appointment and are not available; violate any of these policies or our member policies; or the service provider arrived and waited for 10 minutes at the service address with out being able to start service, you forfeit the service, voucher, deposit, or trial membership without any possibility of a refund of the amount paid or future membership.

Confirm Your Appointment 24 Hours Before

If you do not confirm your appointment the day before, the service provider will not show for the appointment.  If you have not requested to cancel or reschedule 48 hours in advance, please see 48 Hour Advance Notice of Reschedule or Cancellation Policy.

Entry/Exit Videos or Photos Will be Conducted.  No Exceptions.

This is done for proof of services rendered; internal audits of the quality of work of our service providers; internal investigations, if there is a complaint; and for SawLutions reference only.  We do not share this information and have very strict rules, regulations, and policies regarding how client and member information and content is handled.  If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact us.

Approval of Services

At the end of your appointment, the services provider with do a review of the services provided, give notes or feedback regarding those services, give any considerations or concerns regarding the services or your property, and answer any questions you may have.  This is your opportunity to approve services, ask questions or point out anything you feel may have been overlooked.  There are no price negotiations after services start. There are no refunds after approval of services.

Additional Things To Know:

Covid:  You must notify us if you or anyone in your house hold has tested positive for Covid or has Covid like symptoms within 5 days of your scheduled appointment.  SawLutions' standard confirmation/ cancellation/ reschedule/ no-show policy applies.  Please see details above.  If you would like to request your service provider to wear a mask or gloves during their visit, please do so in the form below. 

Pets and Children: Let us know if you have pets or small children when booking your appointment.  Our service providers may have allergies or your service may require dangerous equipment, tools, fumes, toxins, etc.  We want to make sure we have the perfect service provider fit for you and safety is priority.

Special Accommodations: Let us know if you have any relevant allergies or special requests when you fill out the voucher booking form.

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