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Started by our dedicated and experienced leaders in 2016, SawLutions has grown into an impactful  movement, aimed at legitimizing and restoring faith in the construction industry. 

Emphasizing transparency in everything we do, setting bold goals and pursuing a clear strategy that seeks to move the needle. We are constantly growing and adapting to market changes, and invite you to learn how your most valuable asset can work for you.

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- Contractor Network -

Skilled, verified tradesmen to transform your property.

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Oversight - Accountability - Software

Systems - Communication - Logistics



- Members Network -

Access to Cohos Network providers and SawLutions benefits.

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- Pay @ Close on For Sale Homes -

Renovate - Update - Remediate  

All fees due at closing* 

What to Expect



Construction is complex and expensive.  Verifying quality work requires a keen eye & diligent oversight. 

Let our experts plan, track, verify and deliver the results you work so hard to enjoy. 



Your tradesman has proven their ability to provide quality results with proper equipment and techniques.

The dentist doesn't check your eyes, the cashier doesn't fill your tooth.  When your money's on the line, trust a pro.  



Facilitating all parts of the project with intelligent and proven systems, processes, and resources allows consistent progress and reliable results.  


Resilient, dedicated, skilled and friendly.  

CoHoS Network partners are independently verified and tested to guarantee compliance and quality.  Plumbers, cleaners, handymen and more. 

Membership has its Benefits

  • Book now services (New services added weekly)

  • Access to verified tradesmen and contractors

  • Licensed trade network access

  • Instant or 24hr bids available (Virtual bid)

  • 24hr emergency services (When available)*

  • Maintenance packages for year round care

  • Virtual handyman & DIY support

  • Dedicated property representative

  • Referrals for both parties

  • Licensed Realtor access & benefits

  • Much more...

Take back your time and freedom with a reliable system to transform your to-do list and home projects.

Free Trial Membership with

ANY Service

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  • Improve health with custom cleaning routines

  • Restore home integrity with needed repairs.

  • Upgrade, remodel or add the perfect addition. 

  • Make your home work for you.

Make Your First Service Count

Spend $100  Spend $500  Spend $2000  Spend  $5000    

1 Month Free  3 Months Free 6 Months Free 12 Months Free      

Request Service

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you like Angies List or Home Advisor?

No. Angie's List and Home Advisor, though similar in scope of service offerings, provide limited verification and NO quality control. Owned by the same company and sharing similar values, no backend, frontend, operational, financial, material or planning assistance is provided. For your contractors, these companies charge large amounts of money per lead, per month, or per year, for contractors to have the opportunity to bid. This drives up cost as 1 in 20 leads will convert to a client. What is NOT provided with Angie and Home Advisor: - Background or company check. - License verification. - Criminal checks. - Follow-up verification for active insurance status. - Quality control, qualification of skill, or work assessments. - Material or project assistance. - Contractor negotiation. - Site presence. - Oversight. - Accountability. - Secure payments (or payments in general) - Workmanship warranties or guarantees.   - Limited mediation and no intervention. - Problem solving between contractors and clients. Additionally.. to take advantage of their "Happiness Guarantee", you must show negligence or error (with a $2,500 cap) to file a claim. !!YOUR INSURANCE is the PRIMARY COVERAGE!!   Think about that... Live the difference with a SawLutions free trial membership!


How are your prices so low if you are using quality contractors?

We are a community of independent contractors and business proprietors with one goal. Quality service at affordable rates.   Here are a few of the ways we save you money, without compromising quality service. -No General Contractor (unless permitting is required).  * Using a GC will price 10%-50% higher. - Multiple trades with a central, organized structure. - Bidding, invoicing, oversight, backend operations, marketing, advertising, brick and mortar, employees, accounting, equipment, lead generation and other overhead costs shared by centralized operations.   Bids are primarily based on a set value and fluctuate via project specifics, quantities, size, location, specs, etc.   Our contractors recognize the value we offer, providing and performing a majority of the overhead operations, so they can focus on their passion and quality of work.  Saving them time and money on things like oversight, bidding, quotes, invoicing, accounting and customer payments, customer generation and marketing, communications, ordering, scheduling, and other backend expenses allows us to pass savings on to you. Industry leading technology and software, innovative process implementations, high quality service providers and reliable safeguards enables high quality providers at below market rates. We utilize the same quality workers large companies use.  Through our partner programs, we empower these trade experts to establish a business, acquire proper licensing and insurance, and take advantage of our equipment purchasing assistance, benefiting contractors directly by increasing their pay for the same work they provide under large companies that inflate prices.  Through this, our customers pay less, have access to more resources and oversight, and save time with the ability to find all of their services in one trusted place.


Do I need to be a member?

Yes. To better serve our members, we are now members only. This allows us to give our full attention and resources to our members to offer the best service and experience. If you are referred by a member and in our service area, you will have the opportunity to try us with a full access free 30 day trial membership. If you are in our service area, and would like to try our services, we offer a one time limited, 30 day trial membership.


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