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Started by our dedicated and experienced leaders in 2016, SawLutions has grown into an impactful  movement, aimed at legitimizing and restoring faith in the construction industry. 

Emphasizing transparency in everything we do, setting bold goals and pursuing a clear strategy that seeks to move the needle. We are constantly growing and adapting to market changes, and invite you to learn how your most valuable asset can work for you.

What to Expect



It's hard to see what you don't know, when you don't know what you're looking for. Construction is complex, dynamic and expensive.  Verifying a "good job" requires a keen eye, and much like math class, showing your work.   Let our experts plan, track, verify and deliver the results you work so hard to enjoy. Oversight you can trust with results you can see. 



Your tradesman has proven their ability to provide quality results with proper equipment and techniques. The dentist doesn't check your eyes, the cashier doesn't fill your tooth.  When your money's on the line, trust a pro.  



Facilitating all parts of the project with intelligent and proven systems, processes and resources allows consistent progress and reliable results.   All systems go! - puts a rocket into space.   One faulty component ends in a blaze of glory. Skip the glory and arrive at your destination. In style.  On time.  Every time.


CoHoS Network partners are resilient, dedicated, skilled and friendly.  As a contractor owned network, the collective energy is infectious!  With industry leading pay and unparallelled flexibility, your providers are the best the industry has to offer!

Experience the Difference

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It's not an upgrade if the foundation is new

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For your home, your parents home, your business,
your storefront, your short term rental and your neighbors...

We offer you a vast network of verified, vetted, and qualified skilled experts and businesses in over 50 common maintenance and household services.

We oversee all services and projects.  That is right!  You deal with one company for all service needs.  We keep it simple for you and make sure quality work is performed to industry standard at fair prices.

And of course, we back you with our satisfaction guarantee.

Our outlook on why you should care about your services.

Overseeing contractors, just like you do, for your home services and construction, one thing is consistent throughout the industry... Most can be lazy, unreliable, liars, incompetent, and lacking concern for results, and you. This often leaves customers frustrated with both financial and time loss, and needing work finished or redone. Have you experienced this? We have seen it too. Even with the companies like Angi and Home Advisor, their end result was the same. They verify contractors (only the business owner, with no follow up audits for background or active licensing) and no background checks for “Book Now” or “Advisor Services.” Telling unsuspecting customers they advertise the best pros, while advertising those who pay an advertising fee minimum of $3,000 just to offer their deals or annual fees plus lead fees. They don’t negotiate prices, terms, or service contracts, price matches (when applicable) have many restrictions, and they don’t guarantee preferential treatment for customers. Oh, and if you think a “Happiness Guarantee” has your back, well they will “endeavor to help you reach a mutually acceptable resolution," but they make no guarantees or warranties regarding the skills of providers or quality of work. This can leave you jumping through hoops with lists of items you need to qualify in order to prove the work was negligent or has errors, then (with a $2,500 cap) you can file a claim and YOUR INSURANCE is the PRIMARY!?! Wonder how these companies keep getting bigger? Us too! Despite making headlines for things like connecting an unlucky home owners with convicted felons or class action lawsuits from service providers, noting detailed claims of deceitful business practices, bogus/recycled leads and even employees coming forward and speaking out against these companies, they still have the trust and loyalty of people just like us. Questioning why more don’t speak out? Well they leverage arbitration clauses that you agree to by using their platform and charge service providers who post content or exploit info on their site (or them) anywhere from $1,000-$10,000 per occurrence. Unbelievable? You don’t have to take our word for it. All of this is in the terms and conditions, and you can find articles and class action lawsuits with a quick browser search, just by scrolling past all their paid ads. With all that, there is no question of a need for something different! That is why what we do is important, it gives us purpose and pride, and drives us to find the best, to be the best!

You're just one SawLution away from warranted results!

You can't improve a system that is broken by design. It is not moral or ethical for companies like the other guys to take advantage, mislead customers, or neglect hardworking craftsman for profit. We offer a different opportunity to do something completely different for customers and craftsman. We have expanded (primarily by referrals) over the past 6 years with a goal in mind to be fair to deserving contractors and protect clients. We found what works, what people like you and me really want, and we worked diligently to develop a system that truly works. Even better, we deliver what we promise! We apply our values and standards to every service provided from cleaning and handyman to painting and remodels, leaving you liberated with peace of mind, fair prices, quality work and a company that will back you! Here is everything you need to know, and you don't even have to give us all your information to find out ;) We help you, (our members) identify and prioritize your service wants and needs, helping educate you with what is necessary to make it happen along the way. We oversee all your projects and services, in order to fulfill exactly what you want, through our network of contractors (CoHoS- concierge for home services). We verify service providers are licensed (and if applicable, licensed for their specific trade), insured, and skilled tradesmen with a clean background, and a high regard for customer service and honest prideful work. Our CoHos network of contractors love working with us and it just keeps growing! We are not those other guys, and we don't charge those other guy fees. The service providers receive pre-bid, pre-arranged services with your terms, where their only focus is your vision and using their expert skill to follow their passion. Pay is only given to providers when the service is properly completed, making "getting it done right the first time" and your satisfaction their top priority. All of this sounds amazing right? How do we make money if we don't charge crazy advertising and lead fees? Is this too good to be true? NO! We can provide such awesome services and saving benefits through: Reduced overhead. With no brick-and-mortar costs and our strategic and advanced back-end systems and processes, our overhead is far below average service companies. Better yet, you only have one company overhead, saving you the extra costs of every service provider you use. Think about that a second… HVAC, electricians, plumbers, painters, handymen, cleaners, and the list goes on. No mass advertising. We have grown naturally through referrals. When our members are happy, they tell people! We find our members are our best advertisement- so thank you all for that! We handle everything for contractors like generating business, bidding, planning, scheduling, material acquisition, accounting, etc for our contractors and providers. This gives you multi-trade logistics, advanced industry experience, resources, and affords lower rates for you on services they provide. And allows our CoHoS Network to regain time, money, and freedom by eliminating unnecessary costs, and the frustrations of chasing unsecured, unverified, and speculative opportunities. Memberships. Not a big money maker, but helps facilitate system growth, simplistic interactions, and additional features. Overall, we have a different way of operating that everyone benefits from. We are with you every step of the way. We even price match reasonable bids by local, licensed, and insured businesses. With our SawLutions Guarantee, the job you pay for is the job you get. Nothing more(usually) but certainly nothing less! No hidden restrictions, exclusions, or hoops to jump through. No headaches, hassles, or exhausted time and resources to find what you need. Just transparency, reliability and peace of mind! The only catch... we are members only.

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Professional trade network providing expert services


Member services and benefits backed by our satisfaction guarantee


"Pay at close" renovations on "For Sale" homes


Not Just Members.

We empower our members to take back their time and freedom by simplifying their process with a reliable system to transform their to do lists and home projects into their dream lifestyle and peace of mind.

The ability to improve health with custom cleaning routines and plans from experts; restore home integrity and status with needed repairs, upgrades, remodels or additions; improve wellbeing and relationships with crossing off "honey do" or "projects" list, or receive routine services; leaving members with full use of their home or business with day to day functionality and peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you like Angies List or Home Advisor?

No! Angie's List and Home Advisor, though similar in scope of service offerings, provide limited verification and NO quality control. Owned by the same company and sharing similar values, no backend, frontend, operational, financial, material or planning assistance is provided. For your contractors, these companies charge large amounts of money per lead, per month, or per year, for contractors to have the opportunity to bid. This drives up cost as 1 in 20 leads will convert to a client. What is NOT provided with Angie and Home Advisor: - Background or company check. - License verification. - Criminal checks. - Follow-up verification for active insurance status. - Quality control, qualification of skill, or work assessments. - Material or project assistance. - Contractor negotiation. - Site presence. - Oversight. - Accountability. - Secure payments (or payments in general) - Workmanship warranties or guarantees.   - Limited mediation and no intervention. - Problem solving between contractors and clients. Additionally.. to take advantage of their "Happiness Guarantee", you must show negligence or error (with a $2,500 cap) to file a claim. !!YOUR INSURANCE is the PRIMARY COVERAGE!!   Think about that... Live the difference with a SawLutions free trial membership!


How are your prices so low if you are using quality contractors?

We are a community of independent contractors and business proprietors with one goal. Quality service at affordable rates.   Here are a few of the ways we save you money, without compromising quality service. -No General Contractor (unless permitting is required).  * Using a GC will price 10%-50% higher. - Multiple trades with a central, organized structure. - Bidding, invoicing, oversight, backend operations, marketing, advertising, brick and mortar, employees, accounting, equipment, lead generation and other overhead costs shared by centralized operations.   Bids are primarily based on a set value and fluctuate via project specifics, quantities, size, location, specs, etc.   Our contractors recognize the value we offer, providing and performing a majority of the overhead operations, so they can focus on their passion and quality of work.  Saving them time and money on things like oversight, bidding, quotes, invoicing, accounting and customer payments, customer generation and marketing, communications, ordering, scheduling, and other backend expenses allows us to pass savings on to you. Industry leading technology and software, innovative process implementations, high quality service providers and reliable safeguards enables high quality providers at below market rates. We utilize the same quality workers large companies use.  Through our partner programs, we empower these trade experts to establish a business, acquire proper licensing and insurance, and take advantage of our equipment purchasing assistance, benefiting contractors directly by increasing their pay for the same work they provide under large companies that inflate prices.  Through this, our customers pay less, have access to more resources and oversight, and save time with the ability to find all of their services in one trusted place.


Do I need to be a member?

Yes. To better serve our members, we are now members only. This allows us to give our full attention and resources to our members to offer the best service and experience. If you are referred by a member and in our service area, you will have the opportunity to try us with a full access free 30 day trial membership. If you ar ein our service area and would like to try our services, we offer a one time limited 30 day trial membership.