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Members access a verified network of local Contractors and Tradesmen.

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All representatives walking through your

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How are your prices so low if you are using quality contractors?

A community of independent contractors and business proprietors providing quality service at affordable rates.   We handle the back end so these experts can focus on what they do best. Here are a few of the ways we save you money, without compromising quality service. - No General Contractor (unless permitting is required).  * Using a GC will price 10%-50% higher. - Multiple trades with a central, organized structure. - Bidding, invoicing, oversight, back end operations, marketing, advertising, brick and mortar, employees, accounting, equipment, lead generation and other overhead costs shared by centralized operations.   Bids are primarily based on a set value and fluctuate via project specifics, quantities, size, location, etc.   Our contractors recognize the value we offer and provide exceptional pricing for their work. Industry-leading technology and software, innovative process implementations, high-quality service providers, and reliable safeguards enable high-quality providers at below-market rates. We utilize the same quality workers large companies use.  Through our partner programs, we empower these trade experts to establish a business, acquire proper licensing and insurance, and take advantage of our equipment purchasing and assistance opportunities.  Through this, our customers pay less, have access to more resources and oversight, and save time with the ability to find all of their services in one trusted place.


Are you like Angie's List

or Home Advisor?

Yes & No. We share similar service offerings, and we both partner with a variety of tradesmen. They are owned by the same company and share similar values. Here are a few noticeable differences. We Provide: - Oversight - Accountability - Secure Payments - Warranties - Guarantees - Intervention - Background / Company Check - License Verification - Active Insurance Status - Quality Control - Qualification of Skill - Material Purchasing - Contractor Negotiation - Site Presence They Provide: - Limited: - Verification - Accountability - Trust - Transparency - No: - Back End - Front End - Operational - Financial - Materials - Planning For your Contractors: We Provide: - Back End Structure - Compliance - Customer Service - Front End Systems - Operational Assistance They Provide: - Non Exclusive Leads - Memberships - Exposure We Require: - Trust - Responsibility - Quality - Reliability - Compliance - Customer Service They Require: - General Info - Trades Performed - Large amounts of money: - Per Lead - Per month - Per year These companies increase the cost of service as 9 out of 10 leads will be lost. To take advantage of their "Happiness Guarantee" you must show negligence or error (with a $2,500 cap) to file a claim. !!YOUR INSURANCE is the PRIMARY COVERAGE!!   Think about that... Live the difference with a SawLutions free trial membership. You will See.


Do I need to be a member?

Yes & No. To better serve our members, we are now members only. However, we love welcoming new members into the family! That's why we offer a free trial membership to anyone for any service. If you are referred by a member and your property is located in our service area, you will have the opportunity to try us with a full access free 30-day trial membership.

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