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Restoring faith in the
industry you rely on
& the providers you trust.



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Providing a dedicated partner for property owners and professionals. 

Transparent pricing, reliable scheduling, honest information, and quality tradesmen represent the change and devotion we bring to the industry.


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Software solutions are key to the prices, oversight, and service you receive.

Consolidated bidding, member relations, and intuitive support systems allow quick interaction and competitive pricing.


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Qualified consultants work with your contractor to keep your project honest and on track.

The big picture

is in the 

little details

- Hit Deadlines

- Convey Information

- Understand Documents

- Scheduling Assistance

- Proper Installation

- Verify Compliance 

Often times cutting corners can lead to serious problems down the road. 

Accountability builds quality homes. 


Let us be your eyes and ears.

Plan like

a pro

Plan Like

a Pro

- Designs

- Equipment

- Materials

- Specifications

- Tools

- Variables

- & More

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If you have the right tools and you know the process, all you need is time.

Overcome those tricky miters and troubled areas with instant assistance; or plan ahead with full virtual project planning.



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Support systems are only effective if a highly skilled and devoted network is on standby.

CoHoS partners are not told when to work or how to work. 


They are choosing your service and understand the requirements for successful completion.

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