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Get Paid

Members Want

- Quality

- Reliability

- Trust

- Value

We provide secured & pre-bid jobs with the flexibility to accept or decline and work as much or as little as you desire.

- No Calling Leads

- No Chasing Jobs  

- No Bidding

- No Invoicing

- No Fees 

- No Waste 

Use this as a tool to build your business, procure equipment, gain experience, and build your portfolio.  

No lead fees or membership dues.

The only fees expected are job deposits for certain projects.  Fully refunded upon completion.

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Unnecessary Cost

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Honest Transactions


Mutual Respect

We create a transparent, mutually beneficial relationship between members and contractors. 

Our members have the same philosophy we expect from our contractors.

High class clients want high class contractors.

Member acquisition, project management, bidding, planning, scheduling, materials, accounting, marketing, compliance, logistics, and more. 

Don't track customer payments. We pay you within 24 hours of completion and approval.


You have our back, we have yours. ​

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Contractors Want

- Less Stress

- Reliability

- Easy Planning

- Quick Payout

Come Work With Us

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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Who We Are

SawLutions provides exceptional oversight for CoHoS, SawLective & Superb Curb Operations while 

coordinating all aspects of Saw Groups offerings and automations. 

This includes cutting-edge technology and software, innovative logistics, and refined process applications. 

With the knowledge of the network, no stone is left unturned.

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Oversight & Accountability

 Software  |  Systems

 Communication  |  Logistics


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Contractor & Professional Network.

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Pay @ Close - Real Estate Renovations  |  Alterations

 Additions |   Remediation 

No Fees Until Closing

Worker with Ladder

How We Operate

Internal reviews for contractors and members manage & self-regulate network equilibrium.

If you encounter a member with impossible standards, requesting additional services, or providing an unsafe environment, let us know. 

We want members who appreciate our contractors.

We enforce strict guidelines to ensure compliance and respect from both parties.

Verification Process

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Assemble Your Documents
Info required will depend on Trade, Business Structure, and Location.
If you're just starting out or not so sure what you need, that's okay!
List of services - Service area - Price list - I-9 - W-9 - business license - specialty license - general liability insurance - workers comp or exemption - EIN - certificate of status -  or other.  
Apply to Join
Use the form below to apply and submit your information.  
If you don't have everything, please submit additional information to:
Applicant Review
During this process, we may request additional information.
Work Evaluation
Those who participate will be paired with one of our experts or an operations manager.  Once you complete 3 successful jobs with oversight, you are officially in the network.
Trial Period
Time for you to test us out! We manage the customer end of things and let you focus on your work and revenues.  We will notify you of open jobs and details.  You dictate what jobs you accept or decline.
Independent Status!
Once you join the CoHoS network, you will gain full access to the CoHoS members area and CoHoS features.  We are rapidly expanding with new features and services added weekly.  We look forward to helping you grow your business!

Join CoHoS Network

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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