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The term handyman is dirty. It brings to mind unpredictable work, unreliable service and little support when problems arise. They mostly do small jobs, they don't have big companies and have little skill for relevant renovations.

This is a fairly accurate description of the modern day handyman. These handymen can be found on sites such as Angie's List, Home Advisor, Thumbtack and Craigslist. In this group, a few stand out. They will stand by their work, provide great customer service and have all legally required documentation to operate their business.

These are the handymen we send through your door. They have been vetted, verified and tested to provide peace of mind and phenomenal results!


They are not alone.

SawLutions, powered by the CoHos Service Network, is your safety net, your friend, and your guide to navigating and conquering the services you need.

So, Why aren't these handymen business owners with big companies if they are so good at what they do?

Big company = Big expenses. Many don't have the desire to progress to a desk. They enjoy what they do and they are good at what they enjoy. Can't ask for a better person to have on your team, right!

So, is that is? They just love what they do?

Well, No.

Florida is handyman friendly. Many of the handymen you will see are masters at their specific trades. The same handyman painting your walls, may not be the same handyman laying your floors. This designation allows legal compliance, quality service and below market affordable rates. Simple!

In Florida, the term handyman is your key to great prices, and, if you know where to look, great results!


Florida has strict licensing requirements and steps required for licensed contractors to take and follow. This adds significant cost and overhead requirements to operate. The benefit to the customer - Accountability. Kind of. Not really actually. Unless you want to pay an attorney. So... NONE.

You can file a complaint, they may lose their license, they may be fined or go to jail. But, what they don't have coming to them... is any reason or penalty forcing completion or financial rectification for you or your property.

That's why a CoHos Handyman, is not your average handyman.

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